At endil we develop high quality web-applications – using Ruby on Rails as our developing framework and working in close collaboration with our clients.


Our team can support you during the conception, planning, skaling and implementation of web-based applications, campaigns and fresh ideas.


Our servers have been the backbone for various products and web applications over the last 10 years. Security, stability and backups are an integral part of our service.


The heart of our business

We have a vast array of clients from both small and large companies to non-profit organizations. We are very proud of the work we do and this is represented in how our sites look and function, and how our clients think about us.

Here are just a few projects that we have been working on...

Immobilien Scout GmbH

In the first few monthe of 2013 we created the 'Mein Suchauftrag' application for Immobilien Scout GmbH. In the second half of 2013 the Austrian branch also received the real estaste search app in the number 1 social network.

Pressmatrix GmbH

We have habe been supporting PressMatrix since the middle of 2013. PressMatrix is one of the leading providers of digital magazine apps in Germany. In close collaboration with their young team, we succesfully helped with many subprojects in the fields of Ruby-on-Rails and their server infrastructure.

Makerist GmbH

In 2015 we helped out at Makerist. Joining their team, we helped develop features and remove some bugs in their Ruby-on-Rails enviroment.

Meet Our Team

We dedicate ourself to find sustainable solutions for your problems

Niels Richter:

Heinrich Hanekom: A self taught developer with over a decades worth of experince in HTML/CSS/PHP/MYSQL and now enjoying the wonderful world of Ruby.

Niels Richter

CEO and Rails Genuis

Heinrich Hanekom

Solution developer2


Get In Touch

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests, concerning our services.